Protect your intellectual property


Unlawful use of commercial name, trademark, promotional materials, packaging design of products, as well as copying appearance of a product from another manufacturer can be interpreted as a violation of fair competition. Moreover, these objects may not have the Ukrainian registration as intellectual property. The main criterion for this type of protection – to be well known by Ukrainian consumers.

We offer the following services in this field:
- Ukrainian market monitoring and detection of acts of unfair competition;
- collection of evidence, necessary for successful representation of clients in the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU);
- representing of Client’s interests in negotiations with offender;
- collection and analysis of AMCU decisions in similar cases;
- development strategies of protection of the clients rights in AMCU bodies;
- representation of clients` interests in AMCU bodies;
- maintenance of decisions implementation,taken in cases of unfair competition;
- appeals of AMCU decisions in the court.