Protect your intellectual property

Violation of intellectual property rights provided by the following articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine: 176 (violation of copyright and related rights), 177 (violation of rights for inventions, utility models, industrial designs) 229 (violation of trademark rights).
Meeting with law enforcement bodies in criminal proceedings – is a rather unpleasant surprise. However, with the professional approach this event is just an unpleasant experience.
Our team consists of lawyers with years of experience with law enforcement bodies, who, with the help of their colleagues (legal experts, patent attorneys), will prepare a strong legal position of the client in criminal proceeding.
The same way we are ready to represent the client`s interests from the side of the prosecution, but only in exceptional cases – because of the inability to stop the violation in other way.

We offer the following services:
- analysis of the legality of law enforcement officers actions;
- representation of client’s interests during the investigation (search, seizure, interrogation, etc.);
- preparing and submitting the required documents and complaints to the higher authorities;
- gathering and legal analysis of evidence in criminal proceedings;
- legal analysis of investigation`s justifications in the criminal proceedings;
- selection and analysis of the Ukrainian judicial practice and preparing legal arguments in client`s favor;
- analysis of the reasonableness of the calculation of damages from a violation of intellectual property rights;
- analysis of conclusions of experts and judicial experts for their provision in the criminal proceedings;
- conducting the review of conclusions of experts and judicial experts to provide them to the criminal proceedings;
- preparation of specialists` and judicial experts` recommendations to provide them in the criminal proceedings;
- representation of a client in court in criminal proceedings.