Protect your intellectual property

The customs authorities, in accordance with the provisions of Article 397 of the Customs Code of Ukraine, promote the protection of intellectual property rights when crossing the customs border of Ukraine.
When moving counterfeit through customs border of Ukraine, following products are being detected by Customs officers who suspend customs clearance of this products.
In order to activate this mechanism, the registration of intellectual property and adding it to the Customs Register of Intellectual Property is required.
To add your object of intellectual property to the Customs Registry, you have to contact our specialists, who will consult you on necessary documents and the features of this procedure in most comfortable way for you.

In this area we offer the following services:
• Adding the object of intellectual property to the customs registry of intellectual property;
• Monitoring of customs registry of intellectual property in order to identify abusive registrations;
• monitoring of Ukrainian market and detection client`s products counterfeit;
• representation of clients interests and protection of its intellectual property rights in the customs authorities;
• representation of a client in court proceeding a case on violation of customs regulations;
• preparation of experts and judicial experts conclusions to provide them to the customs authorities or the court;
• maintenance of execution of judgments taken in cases of violation of customs regulations.