Protect your intellectual property

Patent “trolling” is called widespread adverse phenomenon on the Ukrainian market, which violates the principles of fair competition. The main point of this phenomenon – is unlawful registration of intellectual property objects, primarily those which are well known or are analogues of other conscientiously registered intellectual property objects.

The main purpose of the holders of unlawful registered intellectual property objects, so-called patent “trolls”, is to get quick and easy money from manufacturers, importers and sellers of various goods and entrepreneurs who provide services. At the same time “tribute” charged by “trolls” from honest entrepreneurs finally become burden to the consumers of goods and services.
Using the imperfection of Ukrainian legislation patent “trolls” create unjustified barriers of doing business, starting from banning of imported goods on customs and ending with seizures, arrest of accounts and other restrictions that may occur during the civil, commercial or criminal proceedings.

We have studied all the backgrounds of appearing of a patent “trolling” in Ukraine so we are able to handle the client`s problem quickly.
Our team offers the following services in this area:
- monitoring the State Registry of intellectual property objects in order to identify unlawful registrations;
- monitoring of Customs registry of intellectual property objects in order to identify unlawful registrations;
- working out a patent “trolling” protection strategy;
- legal advocacy of Clients in courts and various government institutions;
- invalidating patents that impede doing of a free business (unfair registration);
- cancelling of delegation of domain names – cyber and type – squatting, both in Ukraine and abroad in accordance with the UDRP procedure.