Protect your intellectual property


You need a patent protection of the invention / utility model if you are a developer or an owner of the new technical solutions, and you want to have a confident advantage on the market.
Patent protection is carried out by the state registration of invention or utility model, which results obtaining a patent.
A patent for invention or utility model gives you the right to prohibit third parties to use your solution, to authorize the use through licensing agreements, as well as to give this right to the third parties.
The patent for invention is valid for 20 years, and the patent for utility model – for10 years. Also the process of obtaining this protection document (patent) has a great importance.
It is very important to prepare all the documents which are submitted for registration competently and accurately.
Competently prepared application and obtained on its` basis protection document will fulfill all your expectations. Competent patent is reliable foundation of your business.

We provide the following services in this area:
- preliminary patent search to identify analogs of your product and test its novelty;
- full support of registration of inventions and utility models;
- preparation and submission of an application for a patent on the invention / utility model;
- competent drafting of invention / utility model formula;
- maintenance of a patent application for invention / utility model during the registration process;
- making amendments in the application;
- submission of petitions for renewal / extension of patent validity;
- procedure of international registration of the invention / utility model;
- drafting of license agreements;
- support of maintaining of patents in force;
- Legal representation in courts and other state bodies.