Protect your intellectual property

If you want to feel confident on the market and to have a positive business reputation, you should register you trademark (mark for goods and services).
The presence of trademark highlights your products or services on the market and will protect against a bad reputation. Also the presence of trademark will allow you to promote products or services more effectively on the market, while being an object of capitalization.
The presence of trademark gives you the right to prohibit third parties to use your brand, to authorize the use through licensing agreements, as well as to transfer this right to others. Also, the presence of trademark allows you to obtain a second level domain in .ua and ukr. zone.
Trademark certificate is valid for 10 years, with the right of renewal for 10 years.
The registration process is a serious stage, during which you should foresee and prevent all kinds of problems for the future. Properly performed actions during trademark registration will allow you to save a lot of money in the future.
We also collaborate with designers who can help to develop a recognizable brand for consumers. Your brand – is a key of your successful business reputation.
We provide the following legal services in this area:
- preliminary search of trademarks;
- registration of trade marks in Ukraine;
- registration of trademarks in foreign countries;
- renewal of trademark certificate validity;
- transfer of trademarks rights;
- conclusion of license agreements for the use of trademarks;
- conclusion of franchise contracts;
- adding of intellectual property rights to the authorized capital of enterprise.
- registration of domain name in .ua /.ukr zone based on trademark.