Protect your intellectual property

If your product has unique properties due to specific geographical area, to natural conditions or human factors, or a combination of natural conditions and human factors, you should give prominence to your product by using the registration of geographical indications of origin of goods.
Goods designated with geographical indication of origin – is a guarantee for the customer of receiving the goods in the quality that he expects and as for you it is a guarantee of stable sales and exclusive reputation in the market. Worldwide Champagne – sparkling wine is produced only in the province of Champagne and Roquefort is made in the province of Rouergue.
The right for the registration of qualified indications of goods origin has:
 person or group of persons who produce products in certain geographic location which provides goods with, special properties, certain qualities, reputation or other characteristics are linked to this geographical location;
– consumer associations;
– institutions that are directly related to development and study of the relevant products, products, processes or geographical places.
Intellectual property rights on geographical indication is valid from the date following the date of the state registration, and is protected indefinitely while maintaining the characteristics of the goods (services) marked with this indication. Registration of right to use already registered qualified indication of origin is proved by a certificate which is valid for 10 years from the filing date, renewable for the same period.
We provide the following services in this area:
- registration of indications of origin of goods;
- registration of geographical indication of origin of goods abroad;
- audit of documents and legal support of their registration;
- assistance in obtaining evidence for the right to use already registered qualified indication of origin of goods;
- registration of qualified indications of origin of goods in foreign countries (after its registration in Ukraine).