Protect your intellectual property

Following the rules of successful business, companies today simply must have its own WEB-site consonant with its own trademark domain.
Second-level domain registration in .ua and ukr zone is not as simple as registration of domains in other areas, because compulsory condition for these domains is the trade mark availability or the availability of rights to its use.
As a consequence, the presence of WEB-sites with a second-level domain in the zone .ua and .ukr confirms the successfulness and severity of your company.
We offer the following services in this area:
- legal support registration of second level domain names in the zone .ua and/or .ukr;
- drafting up contracts for selling of domain names (along with the implementation of transfer of exclusive property rights for the trademark);
- support the transaction of purchasing or selling of international domains (.com, .org, .net, etc.) using international marketplaces;
- drafting up agreements for the use of domain name;
- support of litigations that are associated with domain names;
- support disputes under UDRP procedure, both in Ukraine and abroad;
- canceling of delegation of domain names cyber – and typosquatting.