Protect your intellectual property

IPjurix experts will conduct the registration of your copyright efficiently, as well as develop and register contracts that determine copyright to a particular work.
State registration of copyright in Ukraine is done according to the Law of Ukraine “On Copyright and Related Rights” and the decree of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On state registration of copyright and agreements concerning author’s rights on work.”
We provide the following services in this field:
- registration of author’s rights on work;
- registration of author’s rights on employee’s work;
- registration of copyright in the Library of USA Congress;
- registration of agreements concerning author’s rights on work and its use:
– About passing (alienation) of property rights;
– About passing of the exclusive right to use;
– About passing of non-exclusive right to use.
It is important to highlight, that registration of copyright is not obligatory procedure. According to the Berne Convention author’s rights arise and are protected since the creation of the work in an objective form.
At the same time state registration of copyright allows rightholders to feel much more confident, because this registration is a confirmation of author`s rights on the stated date. Moreover, such confirmation is provided directly by the state.
Besides the fact that copyright registration simplifies the procedure of proofing in court, if legal disputes appear, such registration is also needed when setting the copyright object on the balance of legal entity.
If our client requires registration of copyright abroad, our experts will help to register the copyright in other countries.