Protect your intellectual property


In order to release a print media it should be registered according to law regulations.
Our experts will be glad to help you on the stages of media creation and in the process of its operation.

The print media can be established by:
- persons (citizens of Ukraine and citizens of other countries, stateless persons, who are not limited in civil legal capacity and dispositive legal capacity). In addition it’s not obligatory to have the status of business entity for founder;
- legal entities of Ukraine and other countries;
- workers’ association of enterprises, institutions and organizations according to the decision of general meeting (conference).

Our specialists will explain all the features of registration and re-registration procedure of printed media, its activity, as well as establishment of redaction. Also our experts will gladly prepare templates of documents which are required in the process of functioning of printed media, that is: word-processor agreements, agreements with journalists, photographers and more.

We provide the following legal services in this area:
- advice on registration, operation, creation of print media redaction;
- collection and submission of necessary documents for registration and re-registration of printed media;
- development of the Charter of the printed edition of the media;
- copyright protection;
- assistance in obtaining of ISSN code – the code of international media subscription.