Protect your intellectual property


Advertising – is a necessary way of communication between business and consumers.
However, the process of creation of advertisement and its legal support is quite laborious.
We have a vast experience in maintenance of advertisement creation process, and successful resolution of the issues related with its use. In the process of advertisement creation all the pitfalls may not be evident, especially in the field of creation, purchasing, transferring and usage of intellectual property objects.
Therefore, illiterate legal strategy during its start may lead to unpleasant taking off the air and other advertising media also it can lead to the threat of fines and compensation of losses to competitors.
Our long-term experience with one of the biggest Ukrainian production with the world-known name will help to prevent these problems on the stage of creation. This does not mean that you have to deny creative idea. We will just show how to implement it without menace of problems.
We will review your promotion materials to ensure them to correspond with legislation in the field of advertising and competition, we will identify possible risks, and if any exists we will suggest how to avoid them.
Also, our specialists will help you to develop a set of documents, to conduct promo actions and will help to arrange a deal on cooperation with the media and creative agencies (including the purchase of rights on intellectual property).

We offer the following services in this area:
- registration of copyright and copyright agreements;
- audit of documents and legal support of their registration;
- legal analysis of promotional materials to ensure they meet legislation in the field of intellectual property, advertisement and protection from unfair competition, identification of potential risks;
- legal support of relations associated with production, distribution and consumption of advertisement on the territory of Ukraine;
- drafting up a contracts concerning cooperation with media and creative agencies;
- development and legal examination of copyright agreements;
- development and legal examination of license contract (agreements for the use of copyright);
- development and legal examination of contracts with actor, director, scriptwriter, costumiers and so on;
- development and legal examination of sponsorship contracts;
- obtaining permits in the state bodies;
- tax optimization of the process of creating promotional materials;
- legal support to other processes associated with the creation and use of promotional materials;
- protection of copyrights;
- representing the interests of advertisers, distributors of advertising in courts and state bodies.

Trust your business interests to experienced specialists. We will save our clients from small and big problems qualitatively. With our legal protection your advertisement will work for the prosperity of your business.