Protect your intellectual property

Successful, box office movie – is the top of iceberg. As, film production is a time-consuming, laborious and costly process it is related with many risks. One of the most important, as practice shows, is a dismissive attitude to legal issues.
Legal support of film production process is dozens of contracts with actors, costumers, make-up artists, directors and other representatives of the creative sphere.
The most important aspects of such agreements –is creation, usage and transfer of copyright and related rights. Qualitatively composed contract – first of all is tranquility, and saving time and money in the future.

We provide the following services in the field of film production:
- registration of copyright (concepts, scenarios, ideas);
- development and legal examination of copyright agreements;
- development and legal examination of license agreements (agreements for the use of copyright);
- development and legal examination of contracts with director, authors, actors and other workers;
- development and legal expertise of producer and sponsorship agreements;
- development and legal examination of rental contracts;
- obtaining permits in the state bodies;
- tax optimization of process of film production process;
- legal support of other processes associated with the creation and usage of the film.

Provide professional protection for your intellectual property. We will help you save and and multiply your money.