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Properly established connections between business and government – is an important element in achieving success, promoting and gaining the leading positions on the market.
Lobbying – is primarily civilized solution of business problems in government and local authorities.

We provide the following services in lobbying:
- representation of individual businessmen or business communities interests in government authorities;
- formation of company positions in key points of contact for interaction with authorities;
- definition of public bodies that may be useful for particular business community;
- preparation of representative documents;
- drafting legislation;
- prepare expert opinions on legislative acts drafts and acts of other authorities and local authorities;
- maintenance initiation and passage of negotiation procedures at the time of adoption of regulatory documents;
- monitoring and operative provision of information about events that in any way could disrupt business interests (bills, resolutions, tenders, inspections, etc.);
- assistance in the project promotion in public tenders and investment programs;
- preparation and maintenance of documents at all stages up to the decision.