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Transfer of technology – is one of the main components of modern global business model.
Technology – is a result of scientific and technical activity, a set of systematized scientific knowledge, technical, organizational and other decisions on the list, period, order and sequence of operations, production process and / or realization and storage of products, providing services.
The component of technology – is a part of technology where individual elements of technology are reflected in the form of scientific and applied results, objects of intellectual property rights and know-how.

Legal basis of technology transfer is subject to special Law of Ukraine “On state regulation of activities in the field of technology transfer.”

Transfer of technology –is a technology transfer that is made by conclusion between persons and / or entities bilateral or multilateral agreement, which establishes, modifies or terminates property rights and responsibilities on technology and / or its components. In other words, transfer of technology – is a transfer of skills, knowledge, technologies, production methods and components of technology objects between governments, entities and other agents to provide scientific and technical progress and receiving of profit.

Transfer of technology may include the following elements:
- transfer of rights to inventions or utility models;
- patent licensing;
- trading of non-patent inventions;
- transfer of technical documentation;
- transfer of know-how;
- transfer of technical data on equipment;
- joint research and development;
- engineering;
- organisation of collaboration;
- organization of joint venture

Our experts will make an agreement on transfer of technology on the most favorable terms for you, and will take part in the negotiations during its conclusion, or if necessary – in the process of its implementation.