Protect your intellectual property

Like any asset of the enterprise, intellectual property has its price. As far as all objects of intellectual property rights have intangible nature, the process of evaluating them is not as simple.
For proper and objective evaluation of intellectual property object, it is important to understand the nature and specifics of the object of intellectual property to determine its advantages on the market. These features can be identified only by specialist with experience in this area.

Evaluating of intellectual property objects is needed when:
- adding objects of intellectual property to the share capital;
- evaluating damages caused by violation of intellectual property rights;
- issuing a pawn of rights in order to obtain credit;
- determining the amount of royalties paid under the license agreement;
- conclusion a sale or purchase agreement of objects of intellectual property;
- evaluating the investment attractiveness of the project;
- attracting partners and investors;
- in other cases.
Following objects of intellectual property rights may be evaluated:
- literary and artistic works;
- computer programs;
- compilation of data (databases);
- implementation;
- phonograms, visible records, programs of broadcasting organizations;
- inventions, utility models, industrial designs;
- arrangement(topography) of integrated circuits;
- labour-saving innovations;
- plant varieties, animal breeds;
- commercial (proprietary) names, trademarks (marks for goods and services), geographical indications;
- commercial secrets;
- other objects, according to the legislation related to intellectual property rights.

Our experts will advise you and your partners in all matters of evaluation of intellectual property objects and, if necessary, will conduct a qualitative evaluation.