Protect your intellectual property

License agreement – is agreement that sets the rules for the use of objects of intellectual property, it relates to the type of complex legal documents.
This license agreement creates a model of behavior between you and your counterparty. Therefore, on the stage of drafting the license agreement, it is important to decide on such terms as the mode of use, the amount of use, form and procedure of payment and so on.
As a rule, qualitatively compiled license agreement prevents considerable expenses in the future, as well as damaged health and sleepless nights.
The experience of our specialists allows to create the most convenient license agreement for you, pointing out all of its features. Our specialists have experience of successful negotiations both at the conclusion of such agreements, and in the process of their implementation.
A legitimate license agreement – is a key to successful and peaceful doing of your business.

We provide the following services:
- audit of intellectual property objects;
- registration of intellectual property objects;
- development and legal examination of license agreements;
- legal support and participation in negotiation process with the counterparties;
- development of optimal tax business model between licensor and licensee;
- development of contractual and tax models between licensor and licensee;
- legal analysis of existing license agreements, formulating recommendations for changes or additions.