Protect your intellectual property

Due Diligence
Audit of objects of intellectual property (Due Diligence), in our opinion, is no less important than accounting or tax audit of the company.
Audit of intellectual property objects, allows to detect new (created in the process of commercial activity) objects of intellectual property rights, and evaluate the efficiency of using existing and check the accuracy of their evaluation, registration and taxation.
DueDiligence, which is carried out by representatives of our company includes:
¬ recognition of incorporeal assets and identifying the intellectual property objects, which are liable for legal protection;
¬ analysis the possibility of registering just brought to light objects of intellectual property.
¬ analysis of rights distribution between authors and business entities;
¬ analysis of reasons of use of intellectual property objects at the enterprise;
¬ consult on drafting up contracts for the creation, use and transfer of intellectual property, that are: inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, know-how, trade secrets, copyright objects;
¬ evaluation of intellectual rights objects and consult on setting up of the accounting system or increase of the authorized fund;
¬ advice on intellectual property taxation;
¬ consult on calculating license payments, royalty fee for the use of intellectual property;
¬ drafting of business plans on the use of intellectual property.
According to the audit results, our specialists will prepare report that includes a detailed description of both existing and potential intellectual property of the company; list and evaluation of identified risks and advice on their resolution; recommendations for optimizing the use of intellectual property, and more.